We believe that transformation can be accomplished by one hand but by partnering with the stakeholders with the common goal. We are ready to partner and work with any organization in line with our vision and mission. Partnership is one of the principles of CCAP – not just a way of working but fundamental to our values and identity. We work closely with faith-based and other civil society partners, and break new ground in our partnerships to make the greatest possible difference in the world.

Our emphasis on working in partnerships is our most important comparative advantage to make the changes we wish to see in the world. Global changes and increasingly complex situations require new types of partnerships and that we are innovative and open towards entering into new ways of working in partnerships, alliances, and networks.

Our fundamental belief in partnerships, constructive dialogue and cooperation also means that CCPA works together with many stakeholders other than civil society partners. These include universities, private businesses, donors, and national authorities.   

Edu Deo Ministries

Education is one of the most effective ways to alleviate physical poverty, providing children better opportunities for employment and security.

Children need more, however, than just physical well-being. They need lives of purpose, meaning, and joy. Christ-centered education teaches children to live as Christ - creating agents of transformation in the world.

World Servants

World Servants comes alongside communities by addressing four primary areas of sustainable community development with an emphasis on children and families.

Our three-step, training-centric, approach ensures that the experience you have is not only meaningful and life changing, but also sustainable and dignifying.

Glory Academy

Established on January, 2001 Glory Academy kicked started as a primary school on a small residential plot in Lusaka Chilenje with only 6 pupils and two teachers.

Over the years, the school has continued to grow with the establishment of Glory Academy College of Education in 2015 and later Glory Academy College of Nursing in 2019.


As the saying goes, if you want to go fast, go aloneā€¦ but if you want to go far, go with friends.

We are a group of young energetic, ambitious and visionary leaders who aim at holistic community transformation through Christ-centered activities in our operational areas.  Our passion and interest is to see communities being positively transformed as we pursue our role in the True Big Story of God and actively participate in the restoration process as we work as co-workers with God in His vineyard. We believe that faith without deeds is deed. Thus, we disseminate the gospel through our works so as to reach out to the masses through our mission schools.

Collins Nyirenda
Education Secretary
Moffat Zulu
Projects Officer
Misozi Shonga
Nyembezi Mtonga