About Us

CCAP Education Department is a ministry under the wing of the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian, Synod of Zambia. The department looks in the plight of education for the masses. In implementing its activities, the department does not work alone but works in partnership with international, local community as well as the government of the day. CCAP education department aims at providing and promoting quality Christ-Centered Education for all with a view of eradicating illiteracy so as to enhance holistic transformation of teachers, students and society as a whole. Over the years, CCAP Education Department has been instrumental in providing quality education in its mission schools countrywide through its various projects and programmes.

This is a Christian centered approach that is based on the rationale of integrating the gospel into the curriculum content of any school world over. Teaching for transformation is not connected to any Christian denomination but rather it fits in any Christian doctrine. Teaching for transformation core purpose is total transformation of the teacher, learner and the entire community at large. We believe that integration of the TfT enables the learner to understand that God is found in each subject matter that is taught at school and to work as co-workers with God in the restoration process of the broken world by living the through lines.

CCAP Education Department is a Christ-Centered non-profit making organization whose core aim is to promote quality Christ centered education in its mission schools to the masses while prioritizing the vulnerable and neglected children in society.

We hold the TfT leaders (Head Teacher and Lead Teacher from each school are invited to participate) workshop every year which are led with the help of international facilitators with our local trainers. This is followed by the Zonal Workshops (These workshops are done in various zones across Zambia) which are led by our local facilitators.

MbeuDeo (meaning Seed of God): This is a full Teaching for Transformation course that is done for 3 years with the help of international and local facilitators. It is done in form of the workshop for 2 weeks. This is another important programme that we conduct as we equip already practicing teachers with teaching for transformation content.

As the saying goes, if you want to go fast, go aloneā€¦ but if you want to go far, go with friends.

We are a group of young energetic, ambitious and visionary leaders who aim at holistic community transformation through Christ-centered activities in our operational areas.  Our passion and interest is to see communities being positively transformed as we pursue our role in the True Big Story of God and actively participate in the restoration process as we work as co-workers with God in His vineyard. We believe that faith without deeds is deed. Thus, we disseminate the gospel through our works so as to reach out to the masses through our mission schools.

Collins Nyirenda
Education Secretary
Moffat Zulu
Projects Officer
Misozi Shonga
Nyembezi Mtonga